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For beginning weavers or those looking for an economical first step into Navajo or tapestry weaving, Dovetail offers the student loom.  It was designed with the guidance of the late Belle Rosing, a respected Navajo weaver and teacher, and allows for easy warping and tensioning.  It is small and portable, with an easel stand that folds up to allow it to be carried or stored flat.  The loom is 26" x 31", with a weaving size of approximately 18" x 20".

The loom comes with a set of dowels and u-bolts.  The u-bolts fit where desired into a line of holes drilled in the posts and hold the dowels in position for warping.  Tensioning is easily accomplished with two velcro straps.

The wood comes unfinished and can be used as is, or you may wish to apply your own finish. A clear Danish oil is easy to apply and will enhance the beauty of the wood. 



 For more versatility and larger weavings, the Dovetail vertical loom is available in two sizes, standard (40" X 50") and tall (40" X 64").  Its stout frame will accommodate a weaving size of approximately 30" x 32" in the standard size, and 30" x 56" in the tall size.

Notable for its ease of use and aesthetic appeal, this loom is made from solid maple, with cherry and copper accents. It is finished with a clear Danish oil.  Tensioning is easily and accurately adjusted with two handles centered over threaded rods. 

Dovetail looms are shipped ready for assembly and come with a complete set of dowels.